When is the next true story tent gathering?

All of the latest information regarding our gatherings are shared on our Instagram page @truestorytent.

can i bring my kids to a gathering?

Some of the stories shared by the storytellers have curse words in them and sometimes their stories include adult themes. As long as you don’t mind having some difficult conversations with your kids and they are old enough to be able to sit still and not bother the other guests throughout the gathering, then that’s fine with us.

How long does each gathering usually last?

Usually a little under an hour and a half from when the first storyteller begins and the last one finishes.


How can I share a story in the next gathering?

You can find all the information you need in our ‘Share Your Story’ page.

Do I have to be an Arab or middle eastern to share a story?

Absolutely not! Everyone is welcome to share a story. But if you aren’t an Arab or Middle Eastern, we recommend that you share a story that had either taken place or originated from the region.

Will my story be made public?

All stories shared at True Story Tent gatherings remain private. Nothing is shared without the permission of the storyteller.