So you would like to share a story…

Please consider the following:

  • Every storyteller is given 9 minutes to share a story.

  • The story must be true and yours to share - not someone else’s.

  • Reading from a piece of paper is not allowed. You should know your story by heart.

  • Avoid a motivational speech. Focus on your story and what it means to you personally.

  • Avoid summarizing the journey of your entire life. Instead, tell us about a specific incident or situation that you experienced.

  • Your story must bear some connection to the region. Perhaps you are from here, grew up here, or the events of your story take place here.

Tips for a better story:

  • Start Strong! We should have a general idea of where your story is headed within the first couple of minutes.

  • What are you trying to achieve in your story? What’s standing in your way? How do you plan to go about it? Think about these questions and make us care about you and the outcome.

  • Impress us with observations and insights that are uniquely yours.

  • End strong! How has your perspective changed from when the story began to when it has ended? You should have the conclusion of your story in mind while you masterfully lead us towards it.

  • It helps to practice. Notes are not allowed on stage so you should know your story by heart. We recommend that you don’t memorize sentences but instead, remember your key points and improvise the rest.

  • And finally, just have fun with it! No one is judging.